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NOTE : The game experience is currently optimised only for 1080p resolution. Other resolutions should work but graphical issues may arise, which may affect the playability of the game in some cases.


After having made a contract with the devil, the protagonist acquired the ability to regenerate from fatal wounds, essentially rendering him immortal. However, this comes at a price, as each time he is ressurected like this, he must give up to his infernal patron part of his soul of his body.

Thus, he ventured into a dungeon which is said to contain measureless riches, hoping to find there another way to pay his gruesome debt...


  • Traditional Roguelike experience with a twist : Enjoy the classic turn based gameplay in the style of classics such as NetHack or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, and explore procedurally generated levels with a brand new take on the usual permadeath system.
  • Pick your poison : When your HP reach 0, you are fully healed and are able to teleport away to a safe spot, however, you'll have to choose a game mechanic among 3 randomly selected ones that you will lose for the rest of your run. Be strategic about your choices to avoid putting yourself in a tough spot !
  • Lose, Learn, Repeat : True to its Roguelike roots, The Eternal One is a hardcore game, where you'll have to figure out by yourself a strategy to survive, by learning the enemies' behaviours and characteristics.


  • Arrow keys : Movement
  • M : Map toggle
  • F11 : Fullscreen toggle
  • Space : Climb down stairs to next level
  • G : Pick up item (when standing on it)

  • Left Click : Use item / (Un)Equip item / Select target / Select spell
  • Right Click : Drop item

To use an ability, select it with the left mouse button in the menu at the right end of the screen. Depending on which one you choose, you may have to specify a target by clicking on a tile. To stop using an ability, click on it again. Alternatively, bumping into enemies will automatically use the Sword (Melee attack) on them if it's still available.


Made by :

  • Aurelien "Punkzen" Montero : Sound Effects/Music
  • Erwan Castioni : Graphics/Programming
  • Gawein "Edern" Le Goff : Programming

Third party content used :


Windows x86 0.0.4 (Latest) 10 MB

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